March 29

4 Tips on Decluttering Your Home


Spring is upon us and for many, that represents a time to deep clean your house. A clean house requires a lot of organization to keep things in their places. Without a method and means to neatly store all your belongings, your space will quickly become a chaotic mess. Hopefully, this article will help you reorganize for the last time.

Why It’s Important to Organize

You might be pleasantly surprised how getting everything organized with a place for everything can be very liberating and beneficial. You’ll be less stressed and anxious knowing that you can find what you need quickly. Physical clutter can sometimes stem from psychological clutter, affecting your physical and mental health and well-being. 

Knowing where to find things at a moment’s notice can save a lot of time and frustration. Think of all the time wasted searching for your keys when they could easily be found a if always stored in a specific drawer or hung on a peg. 

Some people wait until they’re hosting a big event before thinking about decluttering their home. You look around at overflowing drawers, closet doors that won’t shut, items that spill out every time you open that kitchen cabinet. It’s enough to give the most serene individual high levels of anxiety.

If you take the time to organize your space and keep it that way, you won’t suffer that last-minute stress. 

Putting Everything in Order

The process of decluttering involves more than just throwing everything away; that is not practical. After all, you kept these items for a reason. Follow these steps to get your home more organized.

Mixer cabinet
1. Define Your Clutter

One person’s treasure is another person’s trash. We’re not urging your to throw away your memories or things that have special meaning. Clutter is having items that don’t “have a home”, per se. 

An example could be those smaller appliances that collect dust on top of the kitchen countertops and take up valuable meal prep space. Or your cleaning supplies stacked on top of each other under the sink. Maybe it’s your collectibles that need a place where they can be displayed in style.

2. Categorize

Now, put the items you’ve defined as clutter in three separate groups:

  1. Use: When have you last used it? That outdated textbook from college probably hasn’t seen the light of day since you were IN college. At least half the 50 pens you have in the drawer likely don’t even work.

  2. Love: These items are keepsakes; they represent loving memories or collectible items. You’ll likely want to keep them.

  3. Need: Be honest in this category–do you REALLY need it? If it’s been over a year since you’ve used it, it may be expendable. If it’s something you use only around a certain time of the year, like Christmas or Halloween, then it should be kept in a specific designated place with other like items. 

3. Purge!

Once you have defined items that you don’t use, love, or need, pitch them or give them away. If you think it’s worth your time to sell items, there are some venues in which to do so. Facebook Marketplace, Craigs List, and eBay are three popular resale markets. Just remember that it can take up precious time to make a few bucks, so choose wisely.

Closet organization

4. Organize

Hopefully, after completing the first three steps, your “keep” pile is a lot smaller. Now you need to decide where to put the remaining items. This is a good time to analyze your storage situation. 

There are many custom cabinetry options to consider that would work for this purpose. From built-in dish storage in the kitchen to a beautifully artistic piece to show off your prized collectibles, there are solutions available through Safina Custom Cabinetry.

Fine Custom Craftsmanship

Safina Custom Cabinetry makes custom cabinetry that you’ll be proud to own and display. All finely crafted, unique Italian-inspired products are made from scratch specifically for your needs. Safina can make custom cabinetry for any room in your home, for every purpose. 

The kitchen is a space that is challenging to keep organized because you are constantly pulling out utensils and appliances to prepare meals. If you have designated storage spots for all of these items, you’re less likely to leave things out on the countertops or table.

Bathrooms can be another challenge, simply because of the smaller square footage. Custom cabinetry offers not only hidden storage, but a beautiful aesthetic look.

Custom-made bookcases and display cabinets can be designed and constructed to match your other decor and style. Your collectibles and cherished items can be viewed securely by others without the risk of breakage. You can even have locking mechanisms on the cabinetry as an extra precaution. This comes in handy when you want to secure items like alcohol or weapons. 

When you’re ready to organize and need aesthetic storage solutions, contact Safina Custom Cabinetry for a free consultation. We’ll discuss options with you and build you the cabinetry of your dreams. 

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