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6 Kitchen Layouts to Consider


Most of us spend a lot of time in the kitchen. We cook, eat, and gather with family and friends. Sometimes the kitchen is used as an ad-hoc office or by the kids to do their homework. 

If you’re redesigning your kitchen, you’ll need to consider all the activity happening in the space. There is a lot of planning involved to make sure you have a place for everything. Otherwise, it will quickly become a chaotic and stressful environment.

Design Your Kitchen to Your Specific Needs

Unless you plan to expand outward, you will likely have some limitations on the size of your kitchen when you’re redesigning it. But you might be surprised how you can configure even a smaller space into a more functional and practical area. Let’s look at some ways you can choose the layout that’s right for your space and make it work great for you.

You may be limited in space when deciding on the layout for your kitchen, but in general, you have six key kitchen layouts from which to choose. 

Galley kitchen

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1. Galley Layout

This layout maximizes the use of a smaller space. It has two parallel counters with aisle space in between. The key to efficiency, productivity, and comfort is to make sure the aisle is wide enough to move around easily, the right lighting is installed, and you include sufficient storage space to keep everything neat and tidy. Make sure you consider the tools you use most so they are accessible to you at your fingertips.

kitchen layout

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2. L-shaped Layout

This is the most common kitchen layout. It consists of two adjoining walls that make the room in an L-shape. Countertops, cabinets, and appliances are along the walls, leaving the rest of the area open. You can add an island in the open space for additional storage and working space, or a small seating area for informal dining.


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3. U-shaped Layout

U-shaped kitchens can work in both smaller and larger kitchens and are very practical. With countertops and cabinets on three walls, there is plenty of space to prep and cook. This design creates an ergonomic triangle where your fridge, stove, and sink are all within easy reach of one another. The layout usually is large enough to accommodate more than one cook in the kitchen.

Kitchen island

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4. Island Layout

Island layouts are ideal for large areas. These spaces will accommodate multiple people comfortably and allow for more storage and workspace. The island can be used as additional prep space, an area to socialize with others while watching over the meal preparation, or for the kids to do homework while you’re preparing dinner.

Peninsula kitchen

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5. Peninsula Layout

If you don’t have room for an island in your kitchen, consider a peninsula layout. The design basically converts an L-shaped configuration into a horseshoe or U-shape. The peninsula can serve as a room divider of sorts, separating the cooking area from the dining or living area. 


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6. One-wall Kitchen

This floor plan is found mostly in smaller homes, apartments, and condos. It is a very efficient way to use a small area and can be comfortable and efficient for one person. It can be rather crowded if additional people join and storage can be limited. You can increase the storage capacity by adding both upper and lower cabinets or shelves above the base cabinets. This will create a streamlined and clean look that will also make everything within reach.  

Getting the Most Out of Your Kitchen Layout

Kitchen with island

You may be restricted as to the choice of layouts for your kitchen due to space limitations. If your space is smaller, you can still make it more efficient, comfortable, and organized. One way of doing this is to opt for custom cabinetry. 

The smaller the space, the more important it is to have everything stored in easily accessible locations. You can always go vertical and store seldom-used items up high. Or add compartments or cubbies to your island to get more storage space. 

Call on the experts at Safina Custom Cabinetry for the finest custom-made cabinetry. We make everything to your specifications to fit your needs. Built-in spice racks, hideaway drawers, pop-up shelves for small appliances, custom inserts for drawers and cabinets – these and lots more ideas can all help you stay organized and productive.

We can make the kitchen layout you choose work for you more efficiently with the high-quality aesthetic appeal you want. Give us a call today to discuss your dreams for not only your kitchen but for any room in your home.

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