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7 Design Ideas to Transform Your Laundry Room


Some of us consider doing laundry a chore; something that must be done repetitively with no end in sight. You may not like it, but unless you have the luxury of having a laundry service, it’s a necessary task. Although it may not make you ecstatic looking forward to washing mounds of dirty laundry, it can make it a bit more pleasant if your laundry room is organized, tidy, and well-designed.

Making the Laundry Room a Functional, Efficient, and Aesthetic Space

Laundry areas typically don’t get the attention that the rest of the house does, as far as design and décor are concerned. In decades past, laundry rooms were typically designated to the basement in a dimly-lit and gloomy space. But now, homeowners are enjoying the advantages of having a laundry room on the main floor or upper floor where the bedrooms are located. 

Although it’s more convenient to have it nearer and more accessible to the main living area, it also has more exposure and visibility. That means that the family, as well as visitors, will be able to see its contents, layout, and design. Designing it to flow with the rest of the home’s décor will make it more attractive.

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It’s also essential to have a well-equipped laundry room in order to facilitate the process. Having everything organized and easily accessible is also important to make the task more efficient. 

Here are some ideas for getting the most out of your laundry room, no matter where it’s located in your home. 

  1. Hidden Hampers. Keep the dirty and smelly clothes out of sight but easy to access with pull-out bins that have the clothes hampers inside them. You can even include more than one hamper for each member of the house or for sorting the laundry, as long as space permits.
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  1. Pullout Ironing Board. Yes, some of us do still iron our clothes, despite all the wrinkle-free materials available. Keep the board tucked away when not in use with a custom-designed drawer. When stored, no one will ever know what’s behind it.
  2. Combine Projects. Do you have a dog that needs regular bathing? Get that job done while your dirty clothes are getting clean too. Adding a mini-pet shower in the laundry area helps avoid hairy clogs in the bathtub drain. 
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  3. Find Room for a Sink. It’s always convenient to have a sink in the room to help with hand-washing delicate items, treating stains, or soaking clothes with ground-in dirt. It also helps in cleaning up the area.
  4. Add Storage. If you’re lucky enough to have a larger space for your laundry room, adding closets, cabinets, and drawers can keep all your cleaning supplies in one place. You can store all cleaning products, brooms, mops, vacuum cleaners, and other items behind closed doors. Plus, if you have smaller children or inquisitive pets, you can choose the higher cabinets for dangerous products or add locks to prevent access. And if you have leftover space after that, you can even use it to store off-season clothes or decorations.
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  1. Hanging and Folding Space. Make sure you include hanging racks for both drying delicates that don’t go in the dryer, as well as for hanging up dry clothes. Allow sufficient room for folding clean laundry, either by adding a platform above the washer and dryer, or on an adjacent countertop. Make sure it’s close to the work area so you’re not trudging back and forth from the dryer to the folding area.
  2. Prepare for Mishaps. Don’t make the mistake of enclosing your washer and dryer without putting them on a platform with rolling casters. These are lifesavers when you have a leak, broken hose, or need the machines serviced. They allow easy access to the areas behind. 

Get a Luxurious and Unique Laundry Room

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