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Why Custom Cabinetry Is Better than Stock Cabinets


Most property owners will concur that cabinets are the focal point of any kitchen area, and choosing them wisely is a smart choice. Despite the fact that cabinets are basically containers that have racks, drawers, or doors, they must be considered as your kitchen area's furniture. You want them to be as appealing as the rest of the furniture you choose for your home. 

Like with any great furniture piece, you want cabinets that are solidly built and developed in a way that reflects the design preferences and personal preferences of their owner. To put it simply, you want the quality and distinct sophistication that makes your home unique. With custom cabinetry, that is exactly what you'll get.

Comparing Custom to Stock Cabinets

Stock Cabinets

Stock Cabinets

Once you’ve decided on brand-new kitchen cabinetry for your kitchen, there are some concerns that you should consider. Among these matters is cost. It’s true that cabinets bought from a big box store are less costly. Nevertheless, their lesser quality and lack of longevity make them inferior to having custom-made made cabinets for your house. 

Stock cabinets are usually not made from solid wood. They are made from wood products and other materials that are less costly. They have fewer choices of standard finishes and hardware, so the homeowner must accept what they get. You might likewise have to modify areas around the stock cabinets to better meet your design requirements. 

When you compare the differences, you’ll realize the numerous advantages of custom cabinetry over stock. You’ll see why it makes a lot of sense why so many property owners choose them over stock cabinets.

Custom Cabinets

Custom Cabinets

One of the most major reasons why homeowners pick customized cabinets is due to the fact that they are built by knowledgeable and skilled craftsmen with a hands-on method and careful precision to ensure that they are built to last. Cabinet making is an art, and these artisans take their work extremely seriously. 

Experienced cabinet makers use only the highest quality building material. You won’t find the same craftsmanship in assembly-line-built cabinets. The contrast is significant when you view the chart below, showing the difference between stock and custom-made cabinets.





Particle Board


Dovetail, Dowel, or Mortise and Tenon

Glued, Nailed, or Screwed

Corner Braces

Wood Glue Blocks

Stapled Plastic Corners

Drawer Slides

Hidden Under Mount

Side Slide Brackets

When you order custom cabinetry, you will probably be dealing with a local professional who can give you details on the source of the wood and other components. Custom cabinets will also be more likely to be constructed with wood from a domestic supplier. This is an excellent feature of having custom cabinets since you are supporting the regional economy and decreasing concerns on environmental impact.

Cabinet Components

Cabinet Components

When selecting customized cabinets, you can pick among a plethora of elements that you desire and not worry about those that you do not require.

You can select any design, any size, any color, and any finish because you are not restricted by any standard method. You can bring your dreams to life by having them custom-made by a skilled cabinet maker. That’s a great advantage of custom-made cabinets because you are not limited to standard looks or have to settle for typical sizes. 

You can even select a variety of sizes and heights of custom cabinets to meet the specifications to fit in odd locations and accommodate the various functions in the kitchen, food preparation, organization, and storage. Custom cabinets can be built to accommodate the entire family, making the jobs in the kitchen area more productive, pleasurable, and efficient. 

Cabinet Selection

Stock cabinets can be modified to a small extent; however, customized cabinets provide you with the opportunity to personally customize your selections to fit your lifestyle and suit your personal tastes.

Custom cabinets have a consistent finish because of the personalized attention they get from the cabinetmaker, whereas the finish on stock cabinets might be slightly different due to assembly-line production issues. Your specially made custom cabinets will follow the specifications set forth in your agreements with the builder.

Get Your Custom Cabinetry from the Pros

Hopefully, we’ve answered your questions if you were in doubt about going with custom cabinets. When you’re ready to get the best custom cabinets available, contact Safina Cabinets

Italian-inspired cabinetry that is custom-made from the finest materials and best quality workmanship, choose Safina Cabinetry. You’ll be proud to display their unique beauty and appreciate the custom fit and functionality they provide.

Request a free consultation today. One of our dealers will promptly contact you to set up an appointment to discuss your ideas and answer your questions.

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